The Cayman Islands is rated as one of the best Carribbean destinations when it comes to active vacations which include sailing, diving, snorkeling, golfing and hiking. The larger Grand Cayman provides a lot more activities such as the spending time on the Seven Mile Beach. While trips to smaller and slower-paced smaller islands like Little Cayman and Cayman Brac offer fantastic opportunities for longer and relaxing getaways.  Here are 3 of the more popular destinations.

1. Mastic Trail In Grand Cayman

If you love the outdoors, you may want to consider the Mastic Trail. This 200-year old path winds through a 2-million-year old woodland area and mangrove swamp, surrounded by rare and colorful plant life. You will need to set aside at least 3 hours to enjoy this activity with guided tours. You can also hike this trail for free on your own, but be sure you are armed with a map.

2. Bloody Bay Marine Park In Little Cayman

This top rated diving spot is set in a marine park and has become a popular favorite for beginner and skilled scuba divers. The top sight in this park is the Bloody Bay Wall which is an amazing reef with a drop-down that begins around 20-feet (below sea level) before it plummets over 5,000 feet.  Exploring this marine park is costly and the specific costs will depend on which dive company you have chosen. However, first-time travelers and habitual visitors to the Little Cayman all agree that the costs involved are well worth it.

3. Stingray City In The Grand Cayman

Stingray City can be found in the North Sound area and is rated as a top attraction on all of the 3 Cayman Islands. The City is actually a very shallow sandbar which offers you with the opportunity to feed and interact with the Atlantic Southern stingrays that are native to these waters. Previous visitors and tourists rave about the way you are able to get up close with these creatures. Many also agree the activity is not regarded as dangerous provided you follow the instructions given by the guides.

Stingray city can be explored on either a scuba or snorkeling trip or on the glass-bottom boat. A number of the dive businesses in the area sponsor these trips including Stingray City Trips and Moby Dick Tours. The prices will vary according from one tour company to the next.

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