Unique Cayman Islands Trips

What’s The Nightlife In Grand Caymen Like?

Visiting Grand Cayman can be the trip of a lifetime if you’re lucky enough to get there. The warm weather, abundant sunshine, and beautiful waters invite visitors from around the world to spend time on the paradise beaches surrounding these islands. Daytime adventures are almost magical here, with everything from sunbathing and napping on the beach to scuba diving and water sports.

The fun doesn’t stop when the sun goes down though. There’s plenty to do on the islands in terms of nightlife. The Green Parrot in George Town is widely rated as the top choice among bars and clubs in Grand Cayman. Whiskey Mist and Backroom are not far behind in how well they are reviewed. If you’re in Seven Mile Beach, check out Legendz or Nectar Bar.

Grand Cayman has a variety of nightlife options depending on what you’re looking for. If dancing is your thing, then there are multiple options catering a number of styles of dance and musical genres, so know what you’re looking for. If you’re more just looking to chill and enjoy some drinking with friends, then there are plenty of bars and places to do just that. You can’t visit the Caribbean without getting a rum and coke, right?

If you’re more interested in fine dining, a romantic meal, or just a chance to try out local dishes, then Grand Cayman has many eating establishments where you can sit and relax away from the noise and action of clubs and bars.

If you flew in and are staying overnight on the island, then you might notice that some of the bars and restaurants tend to empty out at various points in the evening, which happens if certain cruise ships are pulling out. If you are on one of those ships, then make sure you have enough time (and sobriety) to get back on time before being left behind.